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 Aide écrite pour ceux qui ont du mal avec les vidéos [Antorus]

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MessageSujet: Aide écrite pour ceux qui ont du mal avec les vidéos [Antorus]   Lun 04 Déc 2017, 20:36

Eonar the Life-Binder
-Tower Defense fight, 3 lanes,  kill adds before they reach Eonar
-Extra Action Button: get launched into the air and glide (30sec cd), use a second time midair to land at a targeted location
-Yellow launcher at the edge of each platform to jump to another platform
-CC (slow, stun) mobs
-“Fel-Powered Purifier”: makes nearby mobs immune to CC
-“Rain of Fel”: targeted player move away from group, everyone stay out of the circle
(H) -“Spear of Doom” avoid beam, kite to the edge, adds walking in it gets 10% movespd
Tankable adds:
-Fel-Infused Destructor, need to be tanked ASAP and killed first
(H) -Fel-Powered Purifier, they make nearby adds immune to CC, frontal cleave
Non-tankable adds: (they do not attack, they only move toward Eonar)
-Fel-Charged Obfuscator, they make nearby adds invisible, ignore them, let them go throught and CC/stun the others ads. Once the Fel-Charged Obfuscator are alone past every other adds, kill them
-Volant Kerapteron: flying bat, need to be focus by range dps
-Felguard, normal speed and HP
-Fel Hound, fast speed, low HP
-Fel Lord, slow speed, high HP

-Every demon kill gives energy for Eonar, at 100 energy, it will release a big AOE kill all demons and attack the Paraxis once. When the Paraxis is destroyed, the fight is finished.
-The 4 normal demon type will provide 7 energy each, and the 3 mini boss type will provide 20 energy each.
-The AOE from Eonar will destroy all demon on Normal difficulty, but on Heroic difficulty, it only destroy the 4 normal type minions. (Could delay killing the last add that triggers Eonar AoE if we know a spawn is coming soon).

Wave 1 — 1 Destructor + several minions (Door 1)
Wave 2 — 1 Destructor + several minions (Door 2)
Wave 3 — 1 Destructor + several minions (Door 3) If the destructor at door 2 is not dead by now, have 1 tank go pick up the destructor at door 3 ASAP.
Wave 4 — 1 Destructor (Door 1) + 1 Purifier (Door 2)

Imonar the Soulhunter
-Tank swap at 4-5 stacks of “Shock Lance”
-Range spread out 10 yards
-Two stacking point for melee/tank 15yd apart, when a melee get “sleep canister”, tank move the boss to the other marker
-“Sleep Canister”: targeted player run 10yd away from group (3sec), then get dispelled (when dispelled, it will sleep anyone in 10 yard radius)
-“Pulse Grenade”: don’t step on green circle, (H) increases dmg taken by 50% for 20sec
Intermission 1 (66%)
-Run across the bridge to the next platform
(H) -Interrupt “Gathering Power”
-Immunity the “pulse grenades” to clear the path, only immune damage, call for dispell
-Avoid “stasis trap”: stun anyone in 3yd for 8sec
(H) -Dodge the fire orbs channeled by “Conflagration”, healing cd?
-Tank swap at 3 stacks of “Sever”
-“Sharpnel Blast”: don’t step on red circle (puts physical dot on player, can BoP)
-“Charged Blast”: players targeted stay still or move to the edge, eveyone else dodge fire beam, (H) knocks back
Intermission 2 (33%)
-Same as Intermission 1
-Dodge “Sharpnel Blast”
-Dodge “Blastwire”: red trap wire
-Players with immunities help to clear path, only immune dmg, call for dispell
-Tanks save all their CD for this phase “Empowered Shock Lance” stacking debuff
-“Empowered Pulse Grenade”: grenade thrown on players, everyone spread out 5yd at all time
-“Empowered Sharpnel Blast”: dodge green swirly circle

P1 Deployment (phase switch at 100 energy)
-Don’t be in front of boss (5yd cleave)
-Tank swap for every “Forging Strike”
-“Reverberating Strike”: dodge orange crystal and don’t stay in 5yd of it
-“Diabolic Bomb”: shadow hamster ball rolling on the edge of the room, need to be poped by a player the furthest away possible from the raid, healing CD
-“Ruiner”: dodge fel beam by running clockwise (or anticlockwise if the beam goes the other direction)
P2 Construction (last 40sec)
-“Flames of the Forge” ticking raid damage for 40sec, healing CD
-Split the raid in 2 for Normal (2 construct in Normal)
(H) -Split the raid in 3 group for each construct, could also split the group in 2 to kill 2 construct fast, then kill the last one as a single group
-DPS pop cooldown at the start of P2 (when the constructs have 30 stacks of “initialazing”)
-“Apocalypse Blast”: dodge green circle 8yd
-Green Construct “Annihilation”: players solo soak circles
-Red Construct “Decimation”: spread out, players targeted run out of group, dodge fire circle
-Purple Construct “Demolish”: 2 players need to soak each targeted player’s purple circle, separate each purple circles


-Keep stacked at all times, 1 melee group, 1 range group, range marker between 15yd of melee
-Tank swap every “Shadow Strike”
(H) -Melee and Off-tank can’t stand in front of boss because of “Shadow Strike” 15yd cleave
-Shadow damage makes players unhealable and takes 200% physical dmg because of “Misery” (bring a disc priest for absorbs)
-Always stay stacked 8yd because of “Alone in the Darkness”
-“Dark Fissure”: range group move out as a group to the side to dodge shadow pool (could place 2 raid marker to make it easier)
-“Marked for Prey”: charge a player, first player hit get knockback in range group (best to use a rogue/DH here for a fast shadowstep/rush back into melee
(H) -“Necrotic Embrace”: player affected run out of group (at least 10yd) in less than 6sec and use personal, players without personal need to run out with a player who can immune “Necrotic Embrace”, high single target heal on the affected player, make sure he is 100% hp before the debuff pop

Healer cheat sheet:
P1: “Torment of Flames” ticking damage
(H) P2: “Torment of Frost” Ticking damage, slow everyone for 40%
(H) P3: “Torment of Fel” Ticking damage, increased by 50%/sec, healing until 0% mana
P4: “Torment of Shadow” shadow ticking dmg cannot be healed (“Misery” to the raid)

The Coven of Shivarra

-2 boss at the same time, the other torment souls and makes them spawn
-Tanks need to spread the bosses atleast 18yd apart (or the boss take 99% reduced dmg)
-Tank tanking Fire boss (Noura) swap at 4 stacks and face her away from the group
-Melee stay on Fire and Ice boss (they never hit shadow boss)
-“Sense of Dread” stacking dot, disapear at 9 stacks, healing cd when stack is high
Fire boss (Noura)
-“Whirling Saber”: dodge the sword landing location and dodge it again when it boomrangs
(H) -“Fulminating Pulse”: Spread the circles 6yd
Shadow boss (Asara)
-“Shadow Blades”: shoot blades in 3 directions, also knocks back, dodge it
(H) -“Storm of Darkness”: stand in white blocks on the ground to reduce damage taken
Ice boss (Diima)
“Chilled Blood” Spam heal targeted players to remove absortion shield
(H) “Orb of Frost”: avoid the orb or get slowed 85% (DK magic shield pls)
Soul: Aman’thul: DPS pop CD to kill the soul before it finish the cast
Soul: Golganneth: everyone spread out 2yd and kill adds
Soul: Khaz’goroth: kill the adds, dodge fire path, stay close to the edge
Soul: Norgannon: don’t touch images or you die, stun/slow/push images to open a path, images are immune to damage for the 1st 20sec, then can be 1shot.

Summary of phases:
-Phase change everytime you defeat 2 titan souls
-Titans spawn every 1.5min (titan soul comming next is being tormented by the 3rd boss)
P1: Fire + Shadow
Fire tank switch on 4 stacks, melee on fire boss, spread 6 yd, avoid fire saber & shadow blade, stand in white block during “Storm of Darkness”.
P2: Shadow + Ice
Tank pre-pop DR before freeze, melee on ice boss, avoid ice orb & shadow blade, healer heal up absorption people & tank. Stand in white block during “Storm of Darkness”.
P3: Ice + Fire
Fire tank switch on 4 stacks, spread 6 yd, avoid fire saber & ice orb, healer heal up absorption people & tank.

-Tanks need to stack on each others and tank swap for “Taeshalach’s Reach”
-Spread out 6yd when boss is not 100 energy for “Scorching Blaze”
-”Wake of Flame”: Dodge fireballs from boss
-At 100 energy, raid stack up, boss does 5 cast combo
-Cast #1: “Foe Breaker”, face boss away
-Cast #2: “Flame Rend”, face boss toward raid, knocks back,  heal cd
-Cast #3: “Foe Breaker”, face boss away and tank swap before it hits
-Cast #4: “Flame Rend”, face boss toward raid, knocks back, heal cd
-Cast #5: “Searing Tempest”, everyone run out and spread
-“Burning Rage”: If not enough players are struck by “Flame Rend”, Aggramar gain a stack, increasing his damage done by 50%
Intermission 1 (80%)
-Boss is immune, touching the boss shield inflinct 1.2mil dmg and knockback
-We let 1 add reach the boss every 15sec
-Stun/slow/banish/grip adds (can’t CC small adds if they are close to a big add)
-Tanks need to tank the 2 big adds away from the small adds.
-DPS kill big adds to push the phase
-DPS kill small adds before they reach 100 energy
(H) -When small adds die they make a fire pool and respawn from it after 18sec
-Dodge fire circles “Meteor Swarm”
-Same as P1
-“Flare”: Dodge the 3 fire circle
Intermission 2 (40%)
Same as Intermission 1
-“Wake of Flame” from P1 is added to the intermission 2
-Same as P1
-“Wake of Flame” spawn from void-zones (not from boss anymore)
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MessageSujet: Re: Aide écrite pour ceux qui ont du mal avec les vidéos [Antorus]   Mar 05 Déc 2017, 05:52

merci cyla mais je pense que dans cette guilde il y a plus de personne qui ont du mal avec l'anglais que celle qui ont du mal avec les vidéos^^ mais c'est cool ty
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Messages : 58
Date d'inscription : 25/11/2015
Age : 41
Localisation : IdF

MessageSujet: Re: Aide écrite pour ceux qui ont du mal avec les vidéos [Antorus]   Mar 05 Déc 2017, 10:08

oui je sais c'était pour Naja qui ne lisait pas les vidéos sur son pc ^^
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MessageSujet: Re: Aide écrite pour ceux qui ont du mal avec les vidéos [Antorus]   

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Aide écrite pour ceux qui ont du mal avec les vidéos [Antorus]
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